If your New Years resolution is to grow your leadership skills, gain better thought habits, or learn something new, Northwestern University may have the MOOC for you.
This January Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering is running "Leadership Through Design Innovation," a MOOC (massive online open course) through Coursera. The class, which begins January 18, will teach students the thought process behind design, with the goal of providing a new way of approaching problems and provide broader access to a foundational engineering subject.
“Design is about much more than aesthetics, form, and beauty,” said McCormick Dean Julio M. Ottino to McCormick. “It is a process, a discipline that can be used to develop almost anything. Everything that you encounter has been designed, but not everything has been designed well. Good design unlocks competitive advantage.”
Getting Into College Is Tough. Could MOOCs Boost A Student's Application?Getting Into College Is Tough. Could MOOCs Boost A Student's Application?
The class will be taught jointly by Elizabeth Gerber, associate professor of mechanical engineering; Pam Daniels, design innovator in residence at the Segal Design Institute; Ed Colgate, a design professor; and Greg Holderfield, a clinical professor of design.
The course will cover topics such as how to effectively engage end users, frame problems, and build prototypes to test assumptions. The course description points out that an innovation mindset is something that nearly everyone needs to develop, whether a startup founder or an intrapreneur.
Today’s workplace calls for a new style of leadership to embolden and accelerate innovation. Design offers a novel way of discovering opportunities and bringing new approaches to life in ways that benefit all stakeholders. Learn how to engage with end users, effectively frame problems, identify potential solutions, and build prototypes to test assumptions and learn what works (and doesn’t).
Leadership Through Design Innovation is part of a larger, six-MOOC course series that makes up the Organizational Leadership Specialization run by Northwestern, which was one of the top 10 most popular certificates offered by Coursera in 2015 (the certificate costs $79).