A recent study revealed that 20 percent of data that employees are publicly sharing in the cloud contains sensitive information. With the rising use of cloud-based file sharing, companies aren't keeping track of what is being shared as much as they should and many IT departments don't even know what their employees are sharing.
How can MSPs help their clients with this rising issue? MSPs should train employees on best practices for cloud sharing to prevent sensitive data from leaking.
We’ve talked in the past about adding value to the services you can offer. Training employees to help the organization run smoother and more securely is a great value add. Here are a few tips you can use for putting together a training program.

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1.     Train Everyone
While more technical, cloud infrastructure training may only be appropriate for members of the organization’s IT team, learning about data security is important for everyone. Make sure you train anyone who handles sensitive information so they know how to use the systems you set up to effectively and securely share that information.
2.     Relate to Benefits
Many employees are going to be resistant to training, especially if it changes their current workflow in any way. In order to get them on board, be sure to relate everything you are teaching them to the benefits it will bring them specifically. Cloud-based file sharing will make their information more accessible and more shareable, making their jobs easier.
3.     Use Different Methods
Even when you get everyone invested in the training, they may not all respond to the same training methods. Be sure to approach the training with as many mediums as you can. Instead of just in person seminars, consider also offering educational emails, helpful guides, video tutorials, webinars, and any other material that may be appropriate for your clients.
4.     Get Them Involved
To make sure the information sticks, get your trainees engaged as often as possible. Make sure to ask them questions during the process, and get them to relate the information to their day to day activities. Many security compliance laws even require that employees verify they have learned the material.
5.     Train Annually
In order to get the information and the habits to stick, you should train regularly. Studies show that a yearly training session is the best frequency to make sure the information sinks in.
With the added productivity and flexibility the cloud offers businesses, it’s use won’t be going away soon. But sacrificing security for the benefits of the cloud should not be a trade-off companies need to make. By training employees on cloud sharing best practices, companies can reap the benefits of the cloud while keeping their information secure.